English Language Learners

Ms. Lisa Kean

Coordinator of Special Services

Address:  211 Sherman Ave., Jersey City NJ 07307

Phone: 201-526-8500

Email:  lkean@metscharterschool.org


Upon enrollment families are given a home-language survey, to determine those students whose native language is other than English.

Those who speak a language other than English as their first language must be tested to determine English language proficiency. The screening shall be conducted by a bilingual/ESL or other certified teacher, and shall be designed to distinguish students who are proficient English speakers and need no further testing.

The English language proficiency of all students who are not screened out and whose native language is other than English shall be tested by administering an English language proficiency test, assessing the level of reading in English, reviewing the previous academic performance of students, including their performance on standardized tests in English, and reviewing the input of teaching staff members. Students who do not meet the standard on a language proficiency test and who have at least one other indicator shall be considered ELLs.

Students enrolled in the English language services program shall be assessed annually using an English language proficiency test to determine their progress in achieving English language proficiency goals and readiness for exiting the program.

The ELL program provides one block of ESL instruction based on student language proficiency, replacing the ELA block.