Jersey City Summer Internship



Jersey City Summer Internship 

by Akosua Asante

               The Jersey City Summer Internship program is open to all Jersey City students who are juniors in high school and are attending Jersey City Public Schools, Charter Schools, or Hudson County Schools of Technology. This is a highly competitive program because it places students in paid work-based learning opportunities that interest them. The opportunity to be in a program like this in high school is very rare and there are many benefits. For example, the students who are involved in this program are placed in a six-week paid internship that opens up many professional pathways, academic credit and developing skills in a professional setting. There is an application process that students need to go through which includes an online application, individual interviews, internship placements, and an orientation. Last year at M.E.T.S Charter School, two teachers, Ms. Casella and Ms. Zamora, worked with students to help them complete the application process. They helped with resume workshops and guided them through mock interviews to increase their chances of getting accepted into the program. The students, Stanley Nunez, Mariah Laboy, Amechelle Leander, Noah Murgas, and Nourhan Fathy were accepted and completed this program over the summer. Mariah Laboy and Amechelle Leander were interviewed about the process.


What was your job at the JCSI  program?

Mariah Laboy: At the program they put me in Sims Metal Management where I worked a 9-5 job Monday through Thursday. On Friday’s, everyone a part of the JCSI Program, would meet up and we would travel to places such as Princeton University and Fidelity Investments where we would have professional development with speakers teaching us about the real world and important tips that would benefit us in the future when looking for a job and/or going to college. 

Amechelle Leander: In the program I interned at the Jersey City Medical Center. I worked in the Central Sterile/Supply unit. The unit is used to clean the surgery tools and hold supplies for the OR, Labor and Delivery and Emergency surgeries.  My job was mainly opening the boxes packing and the supplies away. Since the Central Sterile unit works with the OR and labor and delivery I was able to see a few surgeries while I was interning .


What do you think about the JCSI program and how did this program benefit you? 

Mariah Laboy: The JCSI helped me figure out which field I want to go into and helped me get connections that I still keep in contact with today. The JCSI program benefited me in teaching me skills such as: public speaking, interviewing for jobs, making connections, elevator pitches, speaking professionally, etc. 

Amechelle Leander: The program helped me work on communication skills among business people. On Fridays we had workshops that had different topics. Every friday we would do different things such as practice on our work interviews for future jobs, work on resumes or we would just have a regular intern hou and meet different executives from different companies.


Tell me your thoughts on the application process, were the resume workshops you did with Ms. Casella and Ms. Zamora helpful?

Mariah Laboy: The application process is very similar to college applications. It includes three essay questions (one of which are on Common App). The workshops held by Ms. Casella and Ms. Zamora were very helpful and helped me create my resume as well as help me write my essays, and prepare for the interview. 

Amechelle Leander: They were helpful because I did not have a resume and they helped me make one. They also helped make sure that we turned the essays online for the application and that we turned in the best versions of them. 

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