Principal's Message

Heights Building Principal

Mr. Martin Weinstein -

A product of the N.Y.C. School system, Mr. Weinstein began his career in education as a teacher of Language Arts and Legal Studies at Shell Bank Intermediate School. An actor for the Broadhollow Players of Long Island, Mr. Weinstein brought his love of the theatre to the students of Shell Bank, by directing several successful student productions. His directorial skills were also evident at Baldwin Senior High School where he served as the school's drama coach. As Assistant Principal of P.S. 140 (District 28) Mr. Weinstein was an instrumental member of the team that removed the school from "Corrective Action".

Summer months were an opportunity for Mr. Weinstein to work with students in a recreational environment. As the director of summer camps for underprivileged students, (a program created by the late Chancellor Green) Mr. Weinstein honed his leadership skills.

The summer of 2003 brought Mr. Weinstein to I.S. 302 (Region 5, District 19) as its' Principal. I.S. 302 was a SURR school in jeopardy of closure. Working collaboratively with Dr. Cashin and the Region 5 team, many successful strategies, activities and programs were implemented. As a result, student achievement scores improved drastically and I.S. 302 was removed from the SURR list. Mr. Weinstein shares this success with the staff of I.S. 302 and stated in a memo that this success "is a testament to your dedication and commitment to our student." Brooklyn Bourough President Marty Markowitz honored Principal Weinstein's dedication by a proclamation making January 23, 2006 "Martin Weinstein Day in Brooklyn, USA". On March 11, 2007, he was named Intermediate School Principal of the Year.

Realizing that physical activity can be linked to learning, Mr. Weinstein an accomplished marathon runner introduced his running passing to I.S. 302. The I.S. 302 Striders is a students' running club that has received media attention. Students and staff coaches such as Mr. Weinstein have committed themselves to a regimen of early morning and afternoon workouts as well as weekend races. Once again, another method to mold and motivate youngsters to always do their best.

Passing along to the next generation of teachers and administrators his strategies and ideas, Principal Weinstein is an adjunct professor at both Brookly and Touro College Graduate Schools of Education, Special Education and Psychology.

Martin attributes his success as a public school principal to his roots as a classroom teacher. "By being sensitive and empathetic to the individual and unique needs of the students in my classes, I was able to gain a better sense of how to provide them with their requisite skills for success. With this said, I believe that my strongest attribute as a principal is to empower those around me to fulfill their potential."

In August of 2007, New York City Department of Educations, Chancellor Joel Klein appointed Martin as a Senior Achievement Facilitator and the Community Superintendent for District 19 in Brooklyn.

Despite the demands of his new position, and his recent classification as "AWD" (Athlete With Disability), he continues to run marathons and volunteers as a running guide for fellow AWD's, as well as a "Race Buddy" for New York City students in weekend New York Road Runners' Club races in Central Park.

Mr. Weinstein has served over the past years as an educational consultant and most recently as the principal for Han Al High School in Leonia, New Jersey.