Student’s Supply List for 2017-18

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Please see below Student’s Supply List for 2017-18.

Thank you.


2017-18 Student Supply List

All students are expected to carry their binders, chromebooks within the case, and other supplies such as novels.  A Homework/Assignment Pad in order to help them succeed.  In addition it is important for students to have both pens and pencils for class each day.  Please note that if students would like to use dividers in their binders in order to utilize them for more than one class that is permissible.  Please refer to the department supply lists below:


Middle School (grades 6-8 only):

3-inch binder

Daily Planner

Binder Dividers

Black and Blue Inks Pens

Pencils (for editing and mathematics)

Pencil case (attached in binders with three wholes)

Thumb Drive 


English/Language Arts/Social Studies/Practical Arts/Visual Arts/Health and Physical Education:

*supplies for each class

1 Mead Composition Notebook (Non-spiral notebook)

1 Spiral Notebook (for notes)

Black and Blue Ink Pens

Pencils (for editing only)

Loose Leaf Paper (submitting written assignments and for binder)

Thumb Drive (for storing information)

1 Folder per Class


Math/Science/ Engineering: 

1 Binder per Class

1 Folder per Class

Loose Leaf Paper (enough to fill all three binders)

Dividers for the binders





Colored pencils

Pencil case

Handheld sharpener with container to catch pencil shavings

For High School Classes only à Students may bring in a graphing calculator, however it is not required.


*Teachers may require other supplies