M.E.T.S. Charter School first opened its doors in September 2011 with grades 6 through 9 grades with 320 scholars and our focus is Mathematics, Engineering, Technology and Science.  Since 2011, M.E.T.S. has grown to 6 through 12 grades with 560 scholars.  Our goal has kept us focused to provide our scholars with competitive academic programs, in a nurturing environment that instills foundation skills and character attributes necessary for the development of educated, to become successful and responsible adults. 


The M.E.T.S. high school curriculum is anchored by the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards delivered in collegiate styles.   We have established partnerships with Hudson County Community College so that our scholars can start taking college courses in their Junior and Senior years, allowing them the opportunity to save money on college and graduate early.


M.E.T.S. prides itself in creating a safe, caring environment that is non-biased and open to all learners. METS strives to provide programs and service projects that develop critical thinking, team building and ethical problem solving skills with highly qualified teaching staff.