Mustang Summer Activities

English - 6th Grade Rising Summer Reading List

English - 7th Grade Rising Summer Reading List

English - 8th Grade Rising Summer Reading List

English - 9th Grade Rising Summer Reading List

English - 10th Grade Rising Summer Reading List

English - 11th Grade Rising Summer Reading List

English - 12th Grade Rising Summer Reading List

Math - Summer Work Package - In English

Math - Paquete de Trabajo del Verano - En Español

In an effort to ensure that our students are continuing to grow, teachers have assigned summer
work for students complete during summer break. We want to ensure that our students are
continuing to grow and learn so that they will not only be more prepared for the school year, but
also be competitive and move closer toward the goal of being college and career ready by the
end of their twelfth-grade year. To that end, students have received summer assignments in
Mathematics. Students are required to complete all work and will receive credit for completion
and accuracy for quarter one of the new school year in the fall. Please reference the linked
summer work packages above for instructions, and work assignments.

To provide further support and specific data for the start-of-the-year, the Mathematics
department is using Khan Academy for summer practice and review. A free online
practice software, Khan Academy will allow students to view their assignments specific to their
grade level. Video tutorials are available, if needed, to remind the student of the topic that was
taught throughout the year. Additionally, immediate feedback is given about the progress he/she
is making with each assignment. The software is available online or an app is available for both
android and ios. The links are available below. In the summer work package are instructions on how to sign up or login to Khan Academy with the specific course code to use.  Please review the links and specific course access codes below as well.

Online Website:

Android App:

iOS App:


Access Codes:

  1. 6th Grade: FHX7KGTF
  2. 7th Grade: 6ZURN6BV
  3. 8th Grade: JH3C2Q57
  4. Algebra I: DYFYYJ9K
  5. Geometry: DZDUZ2XY
  6. Algebra II: ZTZYZKN5

We understand that some of our students may not have a device or Internet access at home to be
able to do the assignments. METS Charter School will be open during the summer for those
students who would like to complete their summer work. Similar to the summer school schedule,
the building is open from Monday – Thursday, 9:00 am to 12:00 pm from July 2, 2018 thru
August 2, 2018.

Completed assignments are due September 10, 2018. Assignments will be checked for accuracy,
and students will receive credit for completion.  Should you have any questions about
work completion, please feel free to email Ms. Maria Lopez at