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Please see the alphabetical list below for assistance in answering your commonly asked questions.


  • Review the PDF of the official and most current version of the district calendar which includes holidays, school closings and early dismissals.

Email Notifications

  • See below, Updating Records.

Enrollment (Student Registration)

  • See general information regarding school tours and registration. Specific questions about your child should be directed to the Enrollment Manager, Melanie McBride by or at 201-526-8500 ext. 727 or 973-859-5300 ext. 25401.

Food Services

  • Coming Soon

High School (Graduation/Prom)

  • Please visit the M.E.T.S. Charter School website for details or contact Jersey City campus (201-526-8500) or Newark campus (973-859-5300) directly.


  • See Calendar, above

Human Resources (Employment/Substitute Teaching)

  • Coming soon

Individual Student and/or School-Related Questions (Grades, Classes, Homework, Schedule)

  • Please direct specific questions regarding your child to his/her school and/or classroom teacher via phone or email. See also the staff directory of email addresses (coming soon).

Publicity/Posting of Flyers

  • To request the approval of the posting of a flyer, you may bring the original to 570 Broad Street, Newark or email it to , Director of Operations. Inquiries regarding flyers may be directed to 973-859-5300.

Realtime/Parent Access/Student Access

  • If you need information regarding Realtime, please refer to online manual for parents. If you are seeking directions to logon to the Realtime, go to Parent Access or Student Access. Still having issues? 

Transcript Requests

  • Coming soon


  • Specific inquiries about your child may be directed to the Transportation Office at 973-859-5300 or , Director of Operations.

Updating Records (Home address, Phone number, Email address)

  • Coming soon