Science Leaders of the Future Club visits Columbia University

On Thursday, May 9th the Science Leaders of the Future Club had the pleasure of going to Columbia University to attend an informal lecture on CRISPR by Dr. Sternberg, PhD in Biochemistry. He is an assistant professor in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics, where he runs a research laboratory. Dr. Sam is a protein-RNA biochemist and CRISPR expert, and he is the co-author, along with Jennifer Doudna, of A Crack in Creation, a popular science book about the discovery, development, and applications of CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing technology. Dr. Sternberg was also a featured TEDMED 2015 speaker on the transformative potential of CRISPR—Cas9, and is actively involved in public discussions on the ethical issues surrounding genome editing of human cells.

The trip consisted on a presentation on a seminar room and then a visit into the lab. Students learned how CRISPR technology is being used and they engaged in a interesting debate involving bioethics issues and gene editing benefits/ consequences. Students were able to experience first hand the chance to observe laboratory procedures and understand how a scientist operates experiments in a real laboratory. This biogenetic advancement could be used in the future to modify a persons genes to cure them from a disease or to solve any hereditary malfunctioning. 

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The Science Leaders of the Future Club is a professional developmental experience for students. At this point, the students have built resumes, hosted mock interviews, conducted research, and performed hands on experiments.

The club raised the money to go to Columbia University and then out to lunch at the BareBurger in NYC!

Club Sponsors: Ms. Medeiros and Mrs. Mendes

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