M.E.TS. Science Fair Winners Recognized

Students at M.E.T.S. Charter School participated in a Science Fair this month. The categories ranged from biology to chemistry and students were judged on presentation, knowledge, and creativity.  Students were judged, and awards were handed out to reflect those scores. Winners will be representing M.E.T.S. Charter School at the Hudson County Science Fair.  The M.E.T.S. community would like to wish them congratulations.  All students did a wonderful job on their projects!! The following students won at the M.E.T.S. Science Fair this year.

High School

1st Place: Beyonce Nunez "Fingerprints"

2nd Place: Ashley Naverrete and Marquise Nesmith "Memory Experiment"

3rd Place: Madison Gilyard "Techniques for Memorization"

Middle School

1st Place: Dawn Lozano

2nd Place: Lucas Rodriguez and Emmanuel Nkrumah

3rd Place: Alexis Singh  

Winners of the science fair!Winners of the science fair!Winners of the science fair!

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