M.E.T.S. students impress with STEAM Tank idea at NJIT

STEAM exploration

Recently, a group of Jersey City students qualified for the next round of the the New Jersey School Board Association's STEAM Tank Competition through their engineering class.  Aisha Bhamla, Joshua Cordon, Muhammad Saad, and Nandi Williams all presented their amazing ideas at the STEAM Tank North Jersey Regional competition held at The New Jersey Institute of Technology in Newark, on April 14th. The STEAM Team committee was very impressed with their ideas and is excited to see them come to life.   After students presented their sensor system idea to a panel of industry professionals the students had a chance to use an Augmented Reality Sand Table, a HTC Vive System, an Occulus RIFT System, and a Humvee Simulator.  Our M.E.T.S. students made us proud by presenting the wonderful idea explained below.



Solar Pivot

The 4S System -


The Safe & Simple Smart Sensor System, The 4S System, is a smart sensor system that will save people money while also leaving a smaller carbon footprint. The system is a family of products that will enable people to turn their home/building into an energy saving and responsive environment.  The system will include a number of products that can be bought individually or as a full package depending on the buyers needs and fiscal resources.  The business model is a product-service system that will enable people access to both products and services that are directly related.


A waterproof light sensor is the main product and it will control the lights in the house and aid the solar systems integrated into the house.  The senor will communicate with the buildings lights and turn them on and off depending on how much natural light there is at the time.  A person can always override the system setting, but when they are not home the system will revert back to the energy saving mode.


            The 4S solar systems will communicate with the light sensor to determine the brightest locations of a building so that the solar panels can change to an optimal position at all times. This is made to be used with one of two products, a 4S pivoting solar panel mount and the 4S solar window.  The solar panel mount is intended to modify existing houses and the solar window is for new construction. 


      The 4S System can help make your building into an eco-home and a smart home.   4S products are all compatible and people can choose to have 4S install their products and then continue to service the system.  More DIY people can buy individual products from 4S and then install and manage the system as they want.  4S believes in providing options and flexibly when determining the best way to create a sustainable and smart environment.  Each and every person should have the ability to be more eco-efficient and create a smarter system.  Let 4S help you save money, stay safer, be smarter, and conserve!




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